The market research industry is being disrupted by digital technology, same as many other industries. At Nexus we keep at the leading edge of technology which means staying involved in the industry debates and being a part of the disruption ourselves.


Helping clients define business problems as research objectives and incorporating other data help find the solution.


We work with technology a lot. We understand the need for speed and have the tools to help you.


We don’t have all the answers but together we can make great business decisions



How about the last 5 Big customer questions we have helped with:

  • Which of these offers are most likely to be successful in the marketplace?
  • Why are our customers leaving?
  • How can I segment our customer base so that we can better deliver to their needs?
  • A competitor is “eating our lunch” – how do we combat them better?
  • How is my service tracking in the wider market place?


We have experience in all the research methods that you need to get close to your customers and understand their needs. This includes the full range of qualitative and quantitative methods, advertising, concept and product pre-testing, community consultation, customer experience research and assisting with technology development.

Head & Heart

We understand the importance of emotions in driving consumer behaviour and how this works alongside more rational motivations. Our mix of qualitative and quantitative research techniques addresses these issues.

Advanced Data Analysis

This is our core strength. From simple cross-tabs to driver analysis and market modelling. Our staff partner with world-class software suppliers to offer you insights you never thought possible!

Insights to Action

We help clients define the problems they need to solve and take insights from research and turn them into actionable tasks. Workshop facilitation skills and good background knowledge are core strengths.

Online Communities

Capture your customer’s views both qualitatively and quantitatively, fast and cost-effectively, with Nexus online communities. We have 6 years’ experience with managing communities for our clients and can help you also.

Beautiful Dashboards

We make it easy for clients to find the information they need and create infographics that tell the story concisely.


“Video doesn’t just push things out it pushes you in…it involves you”. Great insights and content available from video responses to surveys and online discussion forums.


As Customer Insight & Research Lead at Westpac I've enjoyed working with Richard, Julie and the Nexus team in an ongoing capacity for several years now. Nexus deliver insights and influence planning and business decision making at Westpac across our major business units, marketing and strategy teams. Richard and Julie are both well known by many for their research expertise, but perhaps just as importantly Nexus take the approach of building a partnership, working closely with key stakeholders, getting to know our business, brand strategy, product and marketing plans, which means their research is highly actionable and effective in driving change. Nexus manage our online insights panel of around 10,000 customers where they deliver insights super efficiently - in fact, in real time to support our 48 hour design challenge! Insights these days are often required within hours or days, not weeks or months. I'd happily recommend Nexus as business partners for market research and strategic insights projects

Kate MacDonald
Customer Insights & Research Lead, Westpac NZ

MYOB worked with Nexus Research over a 3 year period and they were a valuable business partner to support our insight needs during the move from a desktop to cloud based business. We needed a partner who could understand our development process and guide our thinking on both new technology developments and marketing communications to support our transition. We operate in an agile development environment and advice on how we could improve in each sprint was key. This required strong methodology and sharp timely insights. Nexus were with us all the way through our product transition and were a great help leading to a successful business outcome. I would recommend them to other companies with similar research needs.

Caroline Ruddick
General Manager – Marketing, MYOB

Working with Nexus and CityScope was a dream, they very quickly understood what we needed. This type of survey (impact of affordable housing in a planned neighbourhood) has, to our knowledge, never been attempted in New Zealand. Nexus presented the findings in a manner that was quick to read and very easy understand. The research findings have informed the way the Housing Foundation plans and delivers it developments and works with its households. In addition, it has enabled the Housing Foundation to inform Government, the wider community housing sector, private developers and philanthropic supporters such as The Tindall Foundation that planned affordable housing has positive impacts on households and the community which drive positive longer term economic consequences.

Dominic Foote
Operations Manager, Housing Foundation





  • Richard Dunbar

    Richard Dunbar Nexus Research Auckland
    Richard Dunbar
    As the MD of Nexus Research, Richard is focused on delivering original, high quality research to his clients. Richard is a specialist in strategic planning and market research particularly for service industries.
  • Julie MacKenzie

    Julie Mackenzie Nexus Research Auckland
    Julie MacKenzie
    Julie MacKenzie is a highly experienced market researcher, with a broad knowledge of research techniques and solutions. Julie's 23 years experience in NZ and the UK, in qualitative and quantitative research, gives her a strong understanding of client needs, and what is required to meet those needs.
  • Mandy Spencer

    Mandy Spencer Nexus Research Auckland
    Mandy Spencer
    Mandy has over 20 years of quantitative research experience. She has worked in all aspects of quantitative research from back room processing and analysis, client service and then client side as a research manager and consultant in the media industry.


Founded in 2003 by Richard Dunbar to bring together his diverse background in strategic planning, economics and market research. From a springboard start in tourism and local government sectors, moved to complete a series of projects in the transport sector and more recently with major corporates such as MYOB and Westpac bank. Nexus now has 4 permanent staff and a network of consultants we call on from time to time to meet the needs of our clients. We have a base in the Auckland CBD with access to all the services that you would expect from a progressive research company. From this central base we have conducted over 300 projects and managed online customer panels across New Zealand and Australia.


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