MYOB Online Software

MYOB has developed a new range of online accountancy software that is available as an App on mobile devices and on desktops. The development of these products was led by an agile software development team, using lean start-up philosophies which depended on fast feedback from a pilot group of customers keeping the developers in touch with customer experiences. Nexus managed the pilot testing panel for this development process and worked closely with customers and developers. In many cases surveys were launched and reported on within 24 hours. Nexus went on to assist MYOB with feedback from the main launch of the software and other adaptations in this high technology market place.

Technology used for this project was from Vision Critical with a market research online community comprising business customers, accountants and bookkeepers.

Case study featured Online Discussion Forums, online and mobile surveys powered by Vision Critical.


Client:  MYOB
MYOB Online Software - Nexus Research