Kate MacDonald


As Customer Insight & Research Lead at Westpac I’ve enjoyed working with Richard, Julie and the Nexus team in an ongoing capacity for several years now. Nexus deliver insights and influence planning and business decision making at Westpac across our major business units, marketing and strategy teams. Richard and Julie are both well known by many for their research expertise, but perhaps just as importantly Nexus take the approach of building a partnership, working closely with key stakeholders, getting to know our business, brand strategy, product and marketing plans, which means their research is highly actionable and effective in driving change. Nexus manage our online insights panel of around 10,000 customers where they deliver insights super efficiently – in fact, in real time to support our 48 hour design challenge! Insights these days are often required within hours or days, not weeks or months. I’d happily recommend Nexus as business partners for market research and strategic insights projects

Kate MacDonald - Nexus Research